Dulcie’s first snowman

The Nixon family tentatively drove out towards Land’s End on the second day of the recent wintery weather, mainly to give George the chance to enjoy some snow after school (he walks in most mornings, so unlike his siblings who travel by road he had to attend!).

Despite a rapid thaw in Penzance we were hoping to find enough snow to go tobogganing and, to our amazement, we found the perfect slope with plenty of the all important white stuff.

In true Cornish tradition we improvised by using boogie boards for toboggans and they worked brilliantly. Oliver has a definite future as a snowboarder, whilst George simply relished the rare taste of Cornish snow. However, Dulcie’s day was made when Emily helped her make her very first snowman; being born and raised in Cornwall has many advantages, but sadly regular snowy days don’t appear on the list.