Posted by David Folan
3 November, 2011

On October 12th 2011 we were lucky enough to attend what is fast becoming the most talked about conference in web design we've ever attended, Brooklyn Beta. Obviously based in Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn Beta was held at the Invisible Dog Art Space, which in itself is an amazing venue and a fitting stage for such an inspiring conference.

Brooklyn Beta is a celebration of web design and development, tagged with the line ‘Make something you love’, the event was three days of inspiring talks, debates and conversation.

The organisers, Chris and Cameron go to great efforts to make every attendee of the conference feel as valued and equal to the speakers. Everyone is encouraged to mingle and create conversation and due to this the schedule is very loose and all the better for it. If lunch takes longer then so be it, we will stay later.

An old warehouse studio with 'Brooklyn Beta 2' in overlaid text.

Set over three days, the conference facilitates the ability for people to meet. At every opportunity attendees are encouraged to share what's on their mind and create conversation. We came away with our heads full of ideas and a stack of new friends.

The talks were based around ideas, education and generally encouraging people to make their ideas reality, because if you don’t, in six months Cameron Koczon will!

All of this was surrounded by amazing food from local Brooklyn retailers and some of the finest beers Brooklyn has to offer. On that note, the beer was kept in a large elevator so depending on which floor of the building you were on, the bar could come to you – that's genius.