Posted by Martin Nixon
26 August, 2010

I thought this photo was a good metaphor for the above question and neatly leads to another one too: can you afford not to invest in your brand?

I asked my son George to take a snap of this long-suffering but patient hound as we passed his owner’s car on the A30, to be honest we couldn’t believe what we were looking at!

Perhaps the couple in question had been thinking about buying an estate car but then thought to heck with it and opted for a sportier model, but forgot all about Fido here, or perhaps the dog in the boot is a new edition to the family? Who knows.

Businesses and organisations across the world face the same dilemma with their brands. With our clients often the very first thing we ask is whether their brand reflects their currents status and the expertise they offer. After all the original values you held when you first started out may well have become outdated and your branding can easily become long in the tooth as a result.

If you need to upgrade your brand to fit the size you are now, then we can usually help. If you’re not sure, email us and we’ll send you some useful tips for free!

A dog in the boot of a moving convertible car.