Posted by Nixon
27 August, 2014

At Nixon we’ve become accustomed to helping our clients come to terms with themselves - indeed, it is one of our specialities.

Exploring and defining an organisation’s core values - those things that sit at the very heart of a brand - is an essential process for us, and central to our approach to creating a brand identity. Whilst I’ll happily admit some clients have been somewhat resistant to the idea at first, all of them have really enjoyed the process and ultimately found it fascinating to discover their organisation’s DNA - which is hugely rewarding for us, but particularly so for them and even more so for the longer-term future of their enterprise.

So, once we’ve defined a client’s core values, what next? How do we ensure they live by them and that their team does too - and their customers really see and feel them? Well, clearly the first rule is to make sure the values themselves are authentic and achievable. After all, it’s no use having any which are impossible to uphold.

But the magic starts to happen when you conduct your annual staff appraisals. Hopefully all those you’ve hired to date will be naturally predisposed to uphold the values that you now hold dear. But we recommend that in the appraisals you score each other out of seven (no, not out of ten - because people always choose seven!) on how well you all personally uphold the individual core values of the business. So if one of your values is ‘proactive’, simply ask yourself: just how proactive am I?

It’s a great way to ensure you live your brand and if something’s scoring lower than it should you can act accordingly to get back on track - or in time change the value for something more appropriate. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch.