Posted by Nixon
18 February, 2010

The area around Sagres in the very far western tip of the Algarve has much in common with Cornwall.

It is, after all, quite literally the town at the Land’s End of Europe and shares the same rugged landscape and vast seascapes over the Atlantic Ocean. There is also a flourishing surf culture, albeit with a lot more waves, secret surf spots, larger beaches and higher cliffs.

My family and I have enjoyed many holidays further east towards Faro; whilst we stay high up in the hills away from the crowds, many Brits head for the busier and, to some, over developed coastal towns for their summer breaks.

Over the last few years Nixon have been closely involved with a new luxury resort project that hopes to bring something rather more sensitive and stylish to the market. Designed in a highly contemporary style and with a very unique offering, Martinhal will certainly stand out from the rest of the Algarve’s destinations.

Last month four of the team travelled out to see work in progress and conduct a series of branding workshops with around 40 members of the Martinhal team, across the board from director level to operational staff.  These workshops are always an insight and, perhaps most importantly, involve the very people who will ultimately make the Martinhal brand sing. The end result of all this work is a series of brand values that will clarify what the place stands for, both to guests and to the people who work within the resort.

Back home we’ve been relishing the creative challenge of creating the overall brand strategy, developing concepts for branding the entire resort and its facilities, including the extraordinary Hotel Martinhal, a stunning spa, three restaurants, retail outlets, and a home delivery food service to name but a few! In all there is much work to do and, with the hotel opening in April and the rest of the resort a few weeks later, not much time to do it all in, but a great opportunity and one which we are all relishing.

Sea cliffs.
Rugged sea cliffs.
An indoor/outdoor swimming pool.
Two men working on a tiled area in a new building.