Posted by Martin Nixon
17 December, 2013

This year, instead of cards, we’ve decided to send our clients and friends a lovely pair of Seasalt Sailor Socks!

Seasalt Sailor Socks are beautiful and our good friends at Seasalt shouldn’t take offence, but normally socks are renowned for being a rather dull offering, beloved of aunts and uninspired relatives. But we believe, as with most things, with a little creativity they can be transformed from the moribund to the magnificent!

So our challenge to you is to tell us what you could do with a pair – the wackier the ideas the better. Martin's youngest son, Oliver, has even been inspired (or perhaps cajoled...) into making a short film which we hope will kickstart the creative process.

Do make sure you visit the Seasalt site by clicking here.

In the meantime we wish you a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2014.

What to do with your sox from Nixon Design on Vimeo.