Posted by Nixon
11 July, 2014

The last two weeks I have been lucky enough to be working with Nixon as part of a university work placement.

Being a part of the the design team and discovering how a design studio works has given me so much knowledge and insight into the design world. An aspect that I have realised seems to be at the core of everything in this studio is detail. After observing and participating in projects and spending time in the studio, detail is one thing that has stuck with me the most.

Attention to detail in everything from the importance of every single word within a brand’s strategy, all the way through to finding a small detail in an object for inspiration right onto the final execution and even the interesting details within the studio itself. Working across multiple projects has been really interesting and exciting as well as giving me insight into the depth in which everything has to be completed.

The whole team at Nixon have been incredibly welcoming as well as honest with regards to the projects I have been working on and improvement of details, which has been a really helpful experience. The guidance and experience of the team has helped me know what small things to look for and perfect when creating work. These busy two weeks have given me the ability to observe the way everything from clients to a rogue pigeon flying through the office window are dealt with. The studio is filled with a crazy mix of interesting and inspiring objects. The disco ball hanging from the ceiling in the office begs a few questions, and the interesting objects continue  right through to the sardine tin pattern on the bathroom mirror. You could not be bored visually here, there is something to look at every time you turn your head.

These last few weeks have gone by incredibly quickly and have involved pushing myself into lots of of different projects with the help of everyone at Nixon. It has been an incredibly inspiring and very satisfying experience and I really hope to see everyone again one day!


A drawing of a pigeon on a piece of cardboard that's covering up a smashed window.
A selection of branded products from around the world displayed on a bookshelf.