Posted by Nixon
28 September, 2017

From tingle-inducing videos to ink made from air pollution, here's the cool stuff we've seen over the last three months.


I love this short film by artist Tom Sachs titled Ten Bullets. It unpacks the ten rules (the code) of his New York studio to a forensic degree, while presenting the points in Sachs’ signature DIY, homemade and visually interesting style. Check it out below. And remember, always be knolling.


Let's be honest, you could describe most TED talks as interesting, thought provoking, funny. Some even spill over into the downright beautiful. But life changing? I mean truly life changing? So far, I have found just one.

Delivered by a retired circus performer turned Buddhist monk, it's essentially a talk about... well, nothing. Or more specifically, doing nothing: not texting, not talking, not even thinking. Instead, taking ten minutes a day to simply live in the moment. For any of you who have toyed with the idea of mindfulness or meditation in the past, I urge you to watch the video and then head over to Headspace and try the app. By the time you’ve finished the first module it will (probably) have changed your life.


Working in administration there is always a form to fill in and they are all much of a muchness. So it was a refreshing change to come across Ryan Lovelace's order form recently. With instructions to just print, scribble and mail in, the form, like his surfboards, is hand crafted, unique and quirky. It was an even greater thrill riding a wave on one of his designs – a 6’8” single-fin V bowl – but that's another story.


IKEA uses autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) in their new advertising campaign with this 25-minute video, which uses particular sounds to make you tingle and bring you out in goosebumps. It's meant to be relaxing, though some find it a little too intense...


AIR-INK is the first ink made entirely out of air pollution. It repurposes pollutants into safe, refillable, high-quality and water-resistant markers and screen-printing ink.

It takes just 45 minutes’ worth of vehicular emissions to produce enough ink to fill one pen, and so far AIR-INK has cleaned approximately 1.6 trillion litres of air in Asia.


I always look forward to viewing the Wildlife Photographer of Year finalists. Not only are the images striking and unique, the categories are thought provoking and, as a lover of all things wildlife, I get the feeling of being drawn into their world all through the power of one image. It is especially poignant if you can manage to see the exhibition, which opens in October at the Natural History Museum in London, as you also get the photographer’s insight into getting ‘that’ image.


At a recent day-long workshop on Creative Leadership up at D&AD, we kicked off with what kind of leader we wanted to be. This started by trying to define our own internal values and purpose – a horrific experience and one that I learnt comes a lot easier for clients than it does for myself… The thing that struck me the most about the course was learning about humility and, most of all, vulnerability in leadership. Brené Brown does a far better job than I ever could at explaining what it is and why it matters. The best use of 20 minutes you’ll spend today.

The exterior of D&AD; headquarters in London.
Notes and diagrams scribbled in a notebook.
The interior of D&AD; headquarters in London.


There’s a lot of fear these days about technology and social media sapping our spare time. And rightly so. Social-media apps are specifically designed to hold our attention for as long as possible. Recently I stumbled across a project called Time Well Spent, which aims to address this issue and turn technology into something that improves our lives.

Impressionable as I am, I deleted Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube off my mobile and downloaded the Poetry Foundation’s poetry app. Now when I unconsciously pull my phone from my pocket I read a poem or two, rather than scrolling through an endless social-media feed.


Dirty cars and vans in Moscow are being turned into stunning works of art by Russian illustrator Nikita Golubev.


I'm completely obsessed with How It's Made so watching a Leica M10 being built is magical. This futuristic-looking film lets you see behind the scenes – all the details and people behind the work. It’s an oddly satisfying video that reminds me of 2001: A Space Odyssey


An interesting exploration into our online shopping patterns to see if we can improve the experience to feel more in line with our physical shopping habits.


I’d heard about gratitude practice before but never knew what it was until recently when it was mentioned on the Julie Foucher podcast. There are different ways to practise gratitude, but the way I’ve started doing it is at the end of the day I tell my partner three things I’m grateful for that happened during the day as well as three wins of the day.

In the beginning it's difficult to acknowledge the things you’re grateful for but it gets easier with time. Some of the benefits of practising gratitude are more positive thinking, feeling more alive, sleeping better, and expressing more compassion and kindness towards others. You can read up about it in more detail here.


As a lifelong petrolhead I’ve longed to go to Goodwood Revival for many years. That ambition came to fruition a few weeks ago and we spent a very happy day enjoying what has to be one of the most authentic and immersive vintage experiences on the planet.

The vast majority of people attending wore vintage costumes from the 1930s right through to the 1970s, in keeping with the era of the fabulous cars displayed and raced there. It's fascinating to see that major manufacturers are now recreating the cars that made them famous, so you can now buy a beautifully restored Jaguar E-Type, Porsche or Land Rover direct from the factory. If only they were the original prices: when first launched in 1961 an E-Type would cost you just £2,097!