Posted by Nixon
8 September, 2010

So, have you spotted Sharp’s Autumn Red Ale down the pub yet?

Sharp’s Brewery has just relaunched the first of its new Seasonals ales following a redesign of the brand by us, here at Nixon. The ales have been developed in partnership with Eden.

Red Ale is the first beer to feature in the range, aged with Cornish oak, and we’ve given it autumnal colours and an illustration combining an oak leaf, hops and acorns. We’ve also used bold and contemporary typography to increase its appeal to the new generation of ale drinkers – in their twenties and thirties and many female – who may even choose an ale to accompany a meal.

Our Martin says: “The new Seasonals branding reflects Sharp’s progressive and innovative approach to brewing.  The brewery identified an audience of ale drinkers that aren’t being targetted currently and developed a design brief to address this gap. We’re confident the new Seasonals brand will appeal to a wider audience and help to increase awareness and grow sales for this leading Cornish brewer.”

James from Sharp’s adds: “Until recently design and ‘brand’ have been of secondary importance in the priorities of many UK brewers.  At Sharp’s strong, contemporary design has been of central importance to our business and has contributed to our success in becoming the number one brewer in the South West region. Eden Project has helped us become one of the UK’s most sustainable brewers and we remain committed to producing beer from natural, whole ingredients.  In this debut project Nixon has quickly identified our core brand values and that of the Seasonals brand. We are delighted with their approach and even more so with the results.”

So what are you waiting for, get down the pub!

A design for the Sharp's Red Ale pump.