Posted by Nixon
14 October, 2010

I travelled up on the sleeper to London yesterday for a presentation at the Department for Transport.

It’s a great way to travel up from Penzance and after a surprisingly good night’s sleep (must have been the nightcap!) the train slipped into Paddington bright and early.

After a visit to Portcullis House to catch up with our local MP Andrew George we had a few hours free over lunch prior to the DfT meeting. Luckily Tate Britain is on the doorstep so seemed the obvious choice.

I can think of few better ways to while away a few hours than strolling through this magnificent building, but was particularly blown away with the incongruous sight of a Harrier Jump Jet suspended from the roof of the Duveen galleries. The work by artist Fiona Banner is accompanied by another, a Jaguar fighter jet in the adjoining gallery space.

Devoid of it’s war paint and stripped to its aluminium body and then highly polished, the fighter was balanced upside down on its tail. It looked much like a discarded toy, albeit a large one. Do try and get the chance to visit before January when the show closes!

Part of a metal aeroplane model through an archway.
A life-sized metal model of a jet plane.
A shiny metal model of an aircraft in a big building.
A large metal aeroplane model.