Posted by Laura Ward
2 November, 2018

When marketing your company, you’ve got a few options as to whom you want to work with. You can go with an agency that outsources different elements of the project to other teams, you can wrangle with multiple agencies yourself, or you can go to a full-service studio.

We find that having a close-knit creative team – each member with different specialisms and expertise – is great for us, our work and, most importantly, our clients. Here’s why.

Just a phone call away

With everyone in one studio, led by a dedicated project manager, everything’s far more efficient. You’ll have one point of contact who talks to the team daily, face to face. Your project isn’t passed like a relay baton, being re-briefed and reinterpreted along the way. It’s in one place, where everyone works together towards the same goal.

If there are any queries or questions, or we simply need to catch up, we can just call across the room, gather together on the sofas or screen-peek over each other’s shoulders. Fewer time-consuming email threads and conference calls. With a streamlined process, communication and collating information takes up far less time.

More bang for your budget

Of course, with less time spent on project management an all-in-one agency can use your budget where it really counts. You won’t be charged extra for rounding up and rallying discrete studios or pay project management fees for multiple agencies. And you’re getting all the services at wholesale price.

Nixon Business Director Kate Morse

Creative cross-pollination

Humans are creatures of habit, and it’s easy for people to get stuck in the same groove of working in a certain way. In a full-service agency, designers, developers, writers and marketers share ideas across the borders of their mediums, which keeps thinking fresh and work dynamic.

With everyone coming at the same brief from a slightly different perspective, full-service agencies are able to see nuances and facets that might be imperceptible to a team solely consisting of designers or copywriters. And we can see the complete picture – we think about each individual aspect and look at how to bring them together in a complementary way.

A seamless brand experience

This means that your brand stays consistent. From the colours to the copy to the way your website works: everything is congruent and cohesive in driving your brand. What’s more, your brand message doesn’t get distorted as it moves from medium to medium. Digital, print, advertising, social media: every single channel works in harmony to build an identity that resonates with your audience.

Team members working in the Nixon Design studio

Getting to know you

As you continue to work with a full-service agency, the working relationship only gets better. They develop a deep understanding of your brand, business and audience that you wouldn’t get if you were going with a different partner for each project. As this pool of knowledge accumulates, they’ll be able to pick up your projects much faster.

And as you build up trust, they won’t be shy about challenging you creatively, which is an invaluable trait in any agency. After all, you’re paying for the agency’s expertise. If you’ve worked with one agency on most of your communications, they’re much more likely to give you their well-informed and honest opinion about a new campaign or marketing piece.

For our part, we love all of the above. We get a kick from giving each other ideas and sharing inspiration across our disciplines. There’s nothing like seeing a project we’ve all worked hard on come to fruition, with code, design and copy all clicking into place. And building a brand identity that shimmers across all communications, like a living thing – well, that’s the jackpot.

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