Posted by Martin Nixon
3 January, 2017

If you can’t name your core values or struggle to do so, then it's time to do something about it. After all, if you and your team don’t know what your business stands for, how on earth will your customers?

We believe your brand isn’t simply your logo, but rather the gut feeling your customers experience when they encounter your business. These values are integral to everything your brand stands for as they manifest themselves at every customer touchpoint, become evident in your every word and image you use across your marketing channels, and should even influence how you answer the phone or respond to emails. 

In an increasingly competitive world your core values should be authentic, considered and carried out consistently across all your communications. Indeed, knowing your core values is as important as knowing who your customers are when creating an effective marketing strategy. So why not kickstart 2017 with a refresh of your brand values; the process to define them is thought provoking and the longer term benefits will be enormous. 

If you’d like some tips on how to go about this with your team do get in touch.

P.S. An example of brand values failing can be experienced for free at my local Kwik Fit. I’ve been a customer for many years; mainly because they're nearby and offer me a good deal, but they also do one thing consistently which makes me wonder why I bother. Whenever I visit there’s often a queue of waiting customers, but the guy behind the counter is seemingly too busy to look up, make eye contact and say ‘I’m a bit tied up right now but l’ll be with you very soon’. It seems that customer focus is not (despite their claims to the contrary here) on top of Kwik Fit’s core values. Guess what? One of my New Year's resolutions is to head elsewhere this year.

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