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With a background in design, branding and editorial, Jas brings a varied skill set to our team of talented designers.


Jas graduated from Falmouth University with a BA honours degree in Graphic Design. She then went on to do internships at Leap design agency and an online skate magazine called Skateism before joining Nixon.

Though well versed in digital design software, Jas will opt for pencil over pixel whenever she can. Outside the studio she writes, illustrates and produces her own magazine, NOOK, and (in case you thought she was being lazy) she’s also made and branded her own soap range.

When she’s not fussing over typesetting or designing head-turning graphics, you’ll find Jas skateboarding (badly) or out in the garden pulling weeds from the vegetable patch. Recently she grew her first ever pumpkin – it was the size of her head and blue.


Illustration, editorial design (design for print), typography, design for branding, photography, printing (screen printing).