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Natalia builds beautiful, responsive websites that are accessible to all audiences.


Natalia graduated from Truro College with a foundation degree in Web Technology before going on to do a year’s placement as a project manager in online retail.

She came to Nixon Design via Headforwards Solutions, where she worked as a front-end developer for a year and a half. Fluent in a range of spoken and digital languages, from Polish, English and German to JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP, Natalia finds the similarities in syntax and grammar fascinating.

In her spare time she organises and attends events in the developer community and recently gave her first talk at Kernow DAT. Natalia’s also a CrossFit addict, and when she’s not skipping or swinging kettlebells she’ll be out walking her super awesome whippet dog.


Front-end development (CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, accessibility), PHP, SEO, CMSs (Craft and ExpressionEngine).