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Birnie proof-reads, edits and creates content of all kinds, from brochures to blog posts and everything in between.


Birnie finished his three years at Falmouth University with a first-class creative writing degree and a daughter (also first class). After a short recovery period, he joined the Nixon team and turned his pen from poetry and fictional prose to copy.

During his time at Nixon, Birnie has proved himself on a variety of projects, from advertising and SEO to social media strategy. He has a particular passion for branding and tone of voice, relishing the opportunity to use his academic understanding of language and literature to help brands communicate their core values.

Away from the studio, he spends most of his time playing with and reading to his daughter – except for one evening a week, when he heads to the local skatepark to injure himself and look silly.


Content strategy, copywriting, branding (values, personality and tone of voice), SEO, social media strategy and editorial for digital and print (including editing, sub-editing and proof-reading).