Date: July 2016

Chapel House PZ is an award-winning boutique hotel in a Georgian townhouse, renovated and redesigned in tasteful contemporary style.

Chapel House has been totally transformed from a forlorn building in need of restoration into an award-winning hotel. In its first year of operation, the hotel won numerous accolades, including Best B&B in The Sunday Times 'Ultimate 100 British hotels 2015'.

Brand values matter

Our brand values workshop identified the following core values at the heart of Chapel House's offering: generosity, intuition, unpretentiousness, individuality and outstanding quality.  

These values informed our entire project, from designing the new logo to developing the website. They also continue to function as a set of brand guidelines for Chapel House to follow, ensuring consistency and authentic character across all forms of communication.

The entrance to Chapel House, Penzance.
The Chapel House logo and business card.

Making a mark

Following our brand values workshop with the owner Susan Stuart, we set about creating a distinctive mark for Chapel House. We then implemented this new brand identity across a range of communications, including a new responsive website.

The living area in boutique hotel Chapel House.
The lounge area in Chapel House.
A living area space in Chapel House, Penzance.
A large painting hung above a semi-circular table in Chapel House, Penzance.
A bedroom with a free-standing bath in Chapel House, Penzance.
An open-trussed bedroom in Chapel House, Penzance.
Cakes, coffee and an old radio on a table.

Responsive website

The new website was to be their prime marketing channel. As such, it needed to be effective in capturing the essence of the hotel and converting browsers into bookers. The website also provides content and information for guests, who access it through individual iPads in each room, so it had to work over a range of devices.

We designed and developed a responsive website that works as well on an iPad as it does on a desktop computer. Using the brand's colour palette of soft sea-greens, we kept the design simple and elegant, like the hotel itself. Pure white spaces mirror the hotel's bright interior, as light pours in through the large windows. This simplicity also allows the photography to take precedence on the web page.

The Chapel House website menu mocked up on tablet.
The Chapel House website mocked up on tablet.
The eating and drinking page on the Chapel House website, mocked up on mobile.
The Chapel House website navigation, mocked up on mobile.
The Chapel House website mocked up on mobile.
The Chapel House website homepage.

Film and animation by Callum Shone.