Client: Falmouth University
Date: August 2016

Falmouth University is a leading educational institute for creative and academic courses, winning UK's No 1 Arts University for three years running.

After gaining full university status in 2012 alongside a period of major expansion, Falmouth University needed to make sure their communications reflected their newfound prestige and high-quality creative offering.

A range of printed materials for Falmouth University.

Printed material

Our aim was to showcase the academic excellence and unique creative environment to be found at Falmouth. From prospectuses to annual reports and everything in between, we've played a key role in making Falmouth the country's top-ranked arts university according to The Sunday Times league table.

The Falmouth University freshers' guide.
The 'What do I need to do?' and FAQ pages inside the Falmouth University freshers' guide.
The inside cover of the Falmouth University freshers' guide, with a photo of a woman on a coastal walk.
A perforated tear-out information card, with a calendar icon on it, in the Falmouth University freshers' guide.
Torn-out information pages from the Falmouth University freshers' guide.

Freshers' guide 2016

Falmouth approached us with the brief of creating a compelling guide for new students enrolling at the university. We found that students tend not to engage with throwaway printed material, so instead created a stylish, functional guide that gave students real value. Creative copywriting communicated the university’s vibrancy and expertise, with essential information distilled into digestible segments. Perforated cards with important dates, contact details and other information were spaced throughout and stamped with illustrated icons, while cut-short covers and bright colours made the guide stand out as a unique and creative booklet, reflecting Falmouth's core offers.

A double spread from the Falmouth University annual report.
A double spread from the Falmouth University annual report, with charts and graphs.
A double spread titled 'Strength to strength' in the Falmouth University annual report.
A double spread from Falmouth University's annual report, with charts and diagrams.

Annual reports

We also put together creative annual reports for the university, designing infographics and art-directing photography for the publication.

A stack of CreatEd magazines for Falmouth University.
A colourful spread from the Falmouth University CreatEd magazine, with stats and percentages.
A spread titled 'Music' in Falmouth University's CreatEd magazine, with pictures of a kaleidoscope.
A spread titled 'Fine Art' in the Falmouth University CreatEd magazine, with a photo of a man rigging an art installation.
The front and back covers of Falmouth University's CreatEd magazine.


CreatEd is an outreach project by Falmouth University to communicate with a younger audience. Sponsored by us and other local organisations, such as the Tate St Ives and Port Eliot Festival, the publication showcases outstanding creative work by college and high school students in Cornwall.

Picking up on the colours used for each different department in the current Falmouth prospectus, we blurred these colours together to create a dreamy, psychedelic design.

An illustrated billboard advert for Falmouth University, with the strapline 'We've saved you a place'.
The word 'Sandpit' painted on a concrete wall – part of Falmouth University's signage.

Wayfinding to campaigns

Since 2010 we've been involved in communications both on campus and off communicating to a wide variety of audiences.

Brand guidelines for Stormtide and Relative Dimensions, including their brand values, logo and colourways.
The Hertzian logo (an H and a colon) and wordmark.
The Cove logo (cove spelt in concentric circles) and wordmark.
The Relative Dimensions logo (the letters R and D angled at different perspectives) and wordmark.
The Stormtide logo (an O-like symbol) and wordmark.

Social enterprise

We're always keen to inspire and give back to the next generation of makers, programmers and designers. Falmouth commissioned us to work alongside LaunchPad students, giving them expert guidance, industry tips and tricks, and helping them to develop their existing talents.

LaunchPad is an innovative graduate programme designed to place talented graduates in teams that incubate into incorporated, investible companies to produce brand values and guidelines for budding game designers and app developers.

A spread on lighting in the Falmouth University Scratch magazine.
The table of contents from Falmouth University's Scratch magazine, with numbers from different typefaces.
A double-page spread from Falmouth University's Scratch magazine.
A double spread on flexible learning in Falmouth University's Scratch magazine.

Scratch magazine

Working alongside Stranger Collective we designed and art-directed the one-off Scratch magazine for Falmouth's alumni. With paper sponsorship from Fedrigoni, we created a slick publication that highlights the stunning creative achievements by some of Falmouth's most successful students. For this, we received the Fedrigoni Top Award, travelling to Italy to collect it.