Client: Lost Gardens of Heligan
Date: April 2016

The famous Lost Gardens of Heligan is our longest-standing client, having been with us since 1996.

Heligan lay lost and forgotten for decades before a chance discovery lead to its salvation. Now, 200 acres of fields, farmland, working gardens and woodland have been restored. We're proud to have worked with The Lost Gardens of Heligan for 20 years, watching them grow into one of the greatest gardens in the country.

A 20-year partnership

Since we started out together, we've helped Heligan through several changes in their website identity, each providing an innovative solution to their marketing. So when it came to another rendering, they knew they could rely on us to get it right.

User research and impact

While Heligan loved the feeling of heritage communicated through their previous website, they were looking for a crisper, cleaner style to bring it up to date. We worked with Heligan's team to develop their existing site into a responsive platform with a design refresh, stripping away the frills to focus on key colours and strong images.

It was important for the website to be accessible on all devices, as many tourists surf the site on the go. 

In the month after launch, the Heligan website saw a 45% increase in visits.