Date: December 2018

From developments in the mining industry to advances in space and e-health, technology is creating more exciting prospects than ever in the region of Cornwall. The LEP asked us to produce an elevator pitch in the form of print, showcasing ten main sectors offering big opportunities.

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (CIoS LEP) exists to advise and signpost new or growing businesses in the region of Cornwall. Their hope is that by 2030, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will be ‘the place’ where businesses thrive and people enjoy an outstanding quality of life. 

The concept

For the pitch to be effective, we needed to understand more about its audience. These people would likely be very short on time, so the booklet was required to say a lot in an engaging and time-efficient way. The LEP wanted a prospectus that wouldn’t look typically ‘public sector’; what was needed was an easy read that stood out. 

The format

The prospectus would be handed out at business consultations and events, so we considered how ‘10 opportunities’ could differ from other publications that may be offered. The outcome was a small yet detailed booklet that dedicated a page per ‘opportunity’, as well as a foldout poster where the information was whittled down to a superfast read.

Gathering content

Referring to the branding and tone of voice guidelines that we had previously worked on with the LEP, we produced copy for the booklet that was original, engaging and concise. The booklet ended up being packed with information, but maintained an exciting and inspiring tone. 

The result

The end product was a piece of print that was textural, bold and arresting. By avoiding clichés and shortcuts, we were able to produce a short, appealing and succinct elevator pitch.