Client: Richfords
Date: August 2016

Richfords is a restoration firm offering the expert repair of property after events such as floods, fires and oil spills. Its customers range from private individuals to insurance companies and loss adjustors.

Since its founding in 1977 Richfords has built a strong reputation for responding to incidents swiftly and capably. The company came to us to sensitively update their branding; they wanted to refresh their image while retaining their established identity.

The old Richfords logo, a simple icon showing water and fire.
The updated Richfords logo: a circle of wavy lines that represent fire and water.

Evolution not revolution

While the Richfords brand is well established and respected throughout the UK, the company’s visual identity was beginning to feel tired and dated. It wasn’t working hard enough to convey the positive message of Richfords and posed difficulties with flexibility of use across different media. But certain elements, such as the colour palette, had become recognised and were positive signifiers amongst their audiences. We designed a bold updated mark that works well in any circumstance, from van livery to social media.

Scaffolding with blue netting on the side of an old building.


We worked with photographer Gary Moger to create a bank of images focused on architecture and reconstruction while also documenting Richfords’ head depot in Redruth, Cornwall. The images focused on the shapes and details of structures to reflect Richford's precision and strong stability. These images form a base of visual assets for the company to use across a wide range of marketing materials.

A red-brick building.
An arch on an old building.
The hands of a man repairing electrical equipment.
A wall of folders filed away.
A white Richfords van with brand livery and a warehouse in the background.


Having evolved the Richfords logo, we continued to develop the new visual identity across a number of different outputs. Part of the existing visual identity that still worked well was the red and blue colour palette, which we accentuated to become bolder, positive and more striking.

Three copies of a marketing leaflet for Richfords.
The Richfords logo as a badge on an employee's uniform.
A van with Richfords livery motion-blurred as it passes the camera.
A section of the Richfords mission-statement leaflet, with numbered goals.


We designed the website to be as user-friendly as possible, with uncomplicated details and clear delivery of information, while functioning responsively across multiple devices – paramount for those whose property has just been damaged. The homepage is feed based, pulling in recent and regular blog articles and social media posts, demonstrating how active Richfords is as an organisation.

The Richfords website homepage mocked up on mobile.
The Richfords 'What we help with' website page mocked up on mobile.
The Richfords website navigation mocked up on mobile.
The Richfords 'How we help' page on their website, mocked up on tablet.
The news page on the Richfords website, mocked up on tablet.
The homepage on the Richfords website for desktop.