Date: October 2016

Launching a new destination brand and effective communications for one of Greater London's well-known boroughs.

We developed a brand identity that embodies Romford’s strength, perseverance and aspirations for the future. With the introduction of Crossrail in 2017 the town really is on the up.

Exploring the brief

A wide range of ideas were brainstormed, refined and evaluated against the creative brief.

The luckiest town in Britain

We based the design concept for Romford’s logo around luck, following a tabloid statistic that revealed Romford as the luckiest postcode in Britain. We took the dice as a popular symbol of chance and fortune, which when viewed isometrically shows seven of its eight corners – additionally having fun with the concept of ‘lucky number seven’ and matching the amount of letters making up the name ‘Romford’. 


We then combined the dice observation with another trait of Romford – to be challenging. We used a popular piece of research that demonstrates how letters in a word can be rearranged randomly, yet as long as the first and last letters stay the same, the word remains recognisable. After trying out a few options we settled on an arrangement that had the best balance of being challenging but still identifiable as ‘Romford’.

Custom typeface

We chose to create a bespoke typeface for Romford so that the identity comprehensively embodies the town’s unique spirit and values. With help from typographer Aaron Chiffers we designed an all-uppercase, monospaced typeface, a style where each letter occupies the same amount of space – a suitably uncompromising approach to lettering. Based on a simple square grid, each letter expresses a level of unashamed candidness that matches Romford’s character.

The grid

Returning to the dice, we generated an underlying grid that can be used to create dynamic layouts for marketing materials. This also helped form a holding device for the word mark that completed the design of the logo.

Pattern and palette

The isometric grid can also be used to generate an exciting array of different patterns. Paired with the vibrant and arresting colour palette, these form stimulating backdrops to designs and slogans.

Colourful language

Embodying the town's lively spirit, Romford Sans has an alternating version, which gives the text a sense of energy, movement and character in keeping with the Romford logo and the underlying isometric grid.

A brand to be used by everyone

With a comprehensive set of guidelines, a brand document and versatile designs, the Romford identity has ultimate usability across media platforms.


Animation by Lightbox Inc.