Client: Rosevine
Date: February 2013

Having worked with The Rosevine in Truro over a number of years, we were delighted to be tasked with refreshing their brand to best reflect their developing offer as both a hotel and self-catering provider.
The Rosevine logo.
A silhouette of The Rosevine hotel, with 'The big house by the sea' written above it.
The restaurant dining room at The Rosevine hotel.
A loaf of bread and two jars of chutney on a chest of drawers.
A sign reading 'gone sailing' hanging off a doorknob.

Digital communication

Following a brand refresh, we then looked at The Rosevine’s website to draw together their new colours and updated logo, as well as new typography and illustration for an attractive and inviting offer.

The Rosevine website homepage mocked up on iPad.
A page from The Rosevine hotel website showing studio rooms, mocked up on iPad.
The Rosevine website navigation mocked up on mobile.
A page from The Rosevine hotel website mocked up on iPhone.
A page from The Rosevine website mocked up on mobile.
The Rosevine website homepage.
The exterior of The Rosevine hotel on a sunny day.