Date: December 2023

Slow Adventure came to us as a new and ambitious travel brand, created for those who want to explore at a different pace.

Working with local partners and communities, the company aims to create enriching and well-balanced experiences. An antidote to over-tourism and inauthenticity, it promotes ‘slow’ adventures in remarkable places. 

With sustainability at its core, Slow Adventure needed to build a compelling and authentic brand identity from the ground up.

Brand values, personality and tone of voice

Through a collaborative brand values workshop, we delved into the foundations of the Slow Adventure brand: its purpose, its audiences (with the benefit of expert insights from Lemongrass), and its points of difference. To us, the brand’s values were clear and organic: genuine depth, a commitment to honest and responsible travel, the desire to create connections, and acting with true consciousness. From these values, we defined Slow Adventure’s brand essence, personality, and tone of voice: guiding how the brand should meaningfully speak to its audiences. 

Visual identity

Our visual concepts explored the themes of consciousness and connection, which shone through in the company’s brand values. Working with the Slow Adventure team, we developed and refined this route. The result is a typographic logo that’s strong, bold, and contrasting, with the secondary identifier of a looser S-inspired symbol. Part rough, part smooth, this embodies Slow Adventure’s brand essence of ‘natural balance’ and reflects the brand’s commitment to craft. 

Brand guidelines

Finally, we were able to present Slow Adventure with a comprehensive brand guide, containing everything from initial values to application examples. 
This work created an exciting launch point for Slow Adventure. Equipped with all they needed to enter the market, the team was able to begin telling stories, attracting audiences, and pioneering a new form of travel.