Date: June 2021

When we were approached by the team leading the development of floating offshore wind in the southwest, we knew a strong identity and brand direction would give them the confidence to push ahead with a campaign to build large-scale wind farms this decade.

Our work was to be used by the project’s bid team. We needed to get the tone spot on – the brand needed to engage key stakeholders, beneficiaries and the wider industry. Put simply, it had to speak to people ‘in the know.’ The brand would act as the basis for future marketing efforts and determine the guidelines by which the team would speak to the wider renewable energy community.

Firstly, we wanted to create a shorter, memorable and distinctive brand name. ‘Floating Offshore Wind’ became ‘FLOW’, introducing a confident and ambitious attitude that’s reflected in the sense of movement in the logo. The static logo works to signify the rotation of a turbine’s blades, and echoes the speed of development and innovation in the sector.

We were keen to stress the optimistic, proactive and conscious voice of the brand. A soft blue colour palette was integrated with a sans-serif typeface often used in industrial applications. This direction evokes peace of mind, reflecting the team’s substantial experience and credibility. 

Our work set out to build solid foundations of trust, reliability, experience and knowledge. We twinned a contemporary design ethos with a timeless, responsible look and feel. Without bowing to trends, the completed work still needed to ensure the brand had its eyes set firmly into the future – established and trustworthy whilst willing to be ambitious and pioneering.