Client: St Aubyns
Date: June 2012

St Aubyn Estates helps to care for one of the most iconic holiday destinations in the country – St Michael’s Mount in Marazion – but there is far more to this brand than a tourist landmark.

The 600-year-old St Aubyn Estates enterprise also includes farming, building and holiday-letting within its diverse portfolio of businesses.

St Aubyn Estates signage on the side of a building.
The refinement of the St Aubyn heraldry into a modern logo.
A mood-board of medieval architecture.

Brand positioning

Now a contemporary enterprise, St Aubyn Estates has been part of Cornish heritage since the 14th century. We were brought in to create a fresh, coherent brand identity for the various businesses under the St Aubyn umbrella while paying homage to the family-owned company's rich history.

Our logo design managed to square this circle by utilising the five bezants contained in the St Aubyn coat of arms, removing the shield and stripping back the rest of the heraldic design. The result was a simple, modernised logo that is still closely linked with the history of the St Aubyn family. The simplicity of the logo combined with carefully chosen typography and colours means it can be used across all of the St Aubyn Estates businesses to create a clear, consistent brand identity.

An illustration of St Michael's Mount in Cornwall.
Lord and Lady St Levan enjoying a cup of tea.
A man stands by a tractor in a barn full of hay bales.
St Michael's Mount in Cornwall.
The Godolphin Arms, with its logo on the side of the building.
The alphabet in a hand-painted typography style.
Wayfinding on St Michael's Mount.
A bowl of mussels.

Cohesion across digital media

Rolling out the identity into the various arms of the St Aubyn brand meant keeping cohesion but letting each business have its own voice and visual presence.

The homepage of the Godolphin Arms website mocked up on mobile.
The St Michael's Mount website mocked up on mobile.
The St Aubyn Estates Holidays website mocked up on mobile.
The St Aubyn Estates website homepage mocked up on iPad.
The St Aubyn Estates website mocked up on iPad.

Mary St Levan

We are delighted with the creative focus and drive of Nixon. The whole team is committed, effective and responsive.