Date: August 2021

Having worked with Tresco on its brand and marketing materials for a number of years, we were tasked with creating the latest version of the island’s website.

The brief

The site acts as a window on the world of Tresco, meaning that it needs to showcase the beauty of the island, the exceptional accommodation and hospitality, and the many different aspects of island life. However, it’s also a gateway for real-life visitors, so needed to make online booking as prominent and simple as possible. 

Our approach

The previous Tresco site had been hugely successful, but was in need of updating and refinement. To offer an impactful view of the island, we allowed for full-width imagery, while a combination of single header images and grid images creates options for both time-poor users seeking an overview, and for those with more leisure to immerse themselves in a gallery. Alongside evocative imagery, we retained the distinctive illustration that portrays Tresco’s unique character.

Ease of use is also important, particularly with a site as content-rich as Tresco. A new ‘mega nav’ menu allows users to expand the navigation and view all page options at a glance, while refined page elements give the Tresco team more flexibility and freedom in content management. 

For potential guests, we incorporated a ‘book now’ button into the navigation header, allowing users to book from any page they might visit. Properties, dining and spa pages feature clear calls to action for contact and booking.