Date: November 2021

The subtropical island of Tresco can feel like another world entirely, but it's now possible to shop for gifts, clothing and groceries – all from home.

We worked with Tresco Island to launch an online shop and grocery service, meaning luxury goods can be ordered for home delivery or pre-booked ahead of arrival on the island.

Tresco needed to create two distinct shopping offerings. One was for on-island groceries, which could be ordered either during a stay or in advance, for local delivery to a holiday cottage. The other was for merchandise, such as clothing and gifts, which would be mailed out to mainland buyers. 

Logistically, this required careful handling, with the extra considerations of pre-ordering during the grocery checkout journey, and the need for a scalable operation as product ranges expand over time. 

Using Craft Commerce, we were able to create two unique shopping experiences for customers while providing Tresco with a single unified interface for managing orders; one that syncs stock and pricing information with their existing stock management system.

Visually, both sections now feel separate to the main Tresco site, but nevertheless part of it. And importantly, as an extension of the overall Tresco experience, online shopping is simple, intuitive and and stress-free.