Date: August 2016

Wave Hub provides shared offshore infrastructure for the demonstration and proving of offshore renewable energy technologies. Wave Hub Limited, a stand-alone operating company and research organisation, based at the Marine Renewables Business Park in Hayle, Cornwall, manages the day-to-day operation of the testing facility.

Having finalised the infrastructure of the Wave Hub site, the company needed to raise its profile, build reputation, and attract more developers to use it. We were approached to create a new marketing website in order to achieve this. 

Evolution not revolution

Because of the technical nature of the Wave Hub business, we were tasked with creating a website that appeals to a broad range of audiences; from the general public to energy device developers. It needed to be professional, technologically advanced, and accessible to all. Our solution was an evolved style resulting in a visually beautiful site where industry information could be offered in discreet sections. We created an area for developers accessed by a login section, and included additional information in downloadable guides. 

To improve the online visibility of Wave Hub Ltd. and attempt to overtake its competitor in search rankings, we carried out SEO measures to focus on key words and phrases that their target audiences were searching for. 

The old and new Wave Hub logos.
A page from the Wave Hub website on mobile.
A page from the Wave Hub website mocked up on mobile.
The Wave Hub website mocked up on mobile.
The Wave Hub website homepage on iPad.
The Wave Hub website on iPad.
A page from the Wave Hub website on iPad.
A page from the Wave Hub website on an iPad.
The homepage from the Wave Hub website mocked up on mobile.

Live wave data

To fulfill an industry need for up to date information, we created a live feed displaying data received by radio transmission from a wave buoy on site. In this way, ‘live heave’ data is updated every five seconds.

A page of the Wave Hub website on iPad.
A graph on a page from the Wave Hub website.
The new Wave Hub logo graphic.

The result

Soon after the launch of the new Wave Hub website, it overtook its main competitor in Google’s search rankings. Additionally, in the months following its launch, visits increased by 20%.

Animation by Lightbox Inc.

Helen Wilson-Prowse, Head of Operations and Business Services

The direction [Nixon] gave us has resulted in a vastly improved site that we think speaks to our wide range of stakeholders. Since launching the site we’ve received so much positive feedback and for that we have to thank the Nixon team.