Posted by Samuel Birnie
27 July, 2017

Since brands realised the benefits of blogging it’s become an essential marketing tool for businesses. But how should you use this tool, and what makes a good brand blog?

While having a blog brings a host of benefits, including increased traffic, stronger SEO and regular content to post on social media, the most effective blogs are geared towards achieving specific goals. Whether you want to drive identity, engage audiences or cement your status as an industry leader, you need to keep your aims in mind when you create content.

Here are four exemplary brand blogs, publishing quality content that aligns with their brand and marketing strategies.


St Agnes-based clothing brand Finisterre has a strong lifestyle narrative focused on British surfing, style and sustainability. One way they drive their brand is through their blog, Broadcast. Clean, crisp imagery accompanies strong storytelling and an unmistakable tone of voice. Stories of seafaring adventures and interviews with environmentalists back up their brand values with real action. They also offer their customers some pretty toothsome content, making their blog fertile ground for growing leads.

The Content Strategist

There are dozens of great content marketing blogs out there, but I always find myself drawn to Contently’s blog, The Content Strategist. With articles by Contently’s in-house experts, as well as renowned guest posters and freelance content marketers, The Content Strategist covers everything from writing tips and tone of voice to social media best practice, emerging technologies and trends, and data-rich reports on marketing strategy. The blog’s success shows the power of offering your users well-researched, quality content that they find relevant, and the benefits guest-blogger collaboration can bring.

Radix Communications

One purpose of a blog is to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a leader in your field. Radix Communications is a B2B tech copywriting agency based in Penryn, and their blog does just that. Articles, videos and their monthly podcast are all based around tips, trends and industry discussions. The content is great for budding B2B copywriters looking for advice, and the team keeps itself current by researching and writing the posts. But the main benefit of their blog is what it communicates to the prospective clients who visit their website – these guys know their stuff, they’re good at what they do and they have a lot of fun doing it.


Etsy often features on posts that, such as this one, celebrate effective brand blogs, and there’s a good reason why. As a company, Etsy thrives by building a community of crafters, artists, buyers, sellers and retailers all over the world. And that’s exactly what their blog does. They publish content that their audience cares about, with great visuals and a simple layout. Telling the stories of sellers and makers connects the Etsy community, while showcasing the products on their marketplace and inspiring other artists. The lesson here is twofold: give your customers content they care about and align your blog with your business goals.

Whatever your business, a blog is an important tool for driving traffic, building brand loyalty and increasing your web presence. If you want to take your blog to the next level, you need to think strategically. Set targets and tailor your content to achieve them.

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