Posted by Nixon
21 March, 2024

Creating memorable places and evocative spaces

Place-led marketing isn’t just about location; it’s about connection. 

As people, the places we love – those we return to, time and again – are the ones that reach our emotions. They might inspire wonder, they might spark memories, they might be where we felt at home. Where we learned something new, celebrated a special moment, or felt free.

It’s the type of connection we have with a place, and the way it makes us feel, that forms the start of a story.

We exist to help you get there, and we do this by first defining what your audiences need, and how you speak to them on this emotional level. That’s why every branding project begins with a deep dive into your audiences and what they’re really looking for.

From here, we can begin to tell your story and spark a connection. A huge part of this is your brand tone of voice: how you say things, as well as what you’re saying. Every touchpoint should create feeling, whether it’s friendly wording on an essential sign or evocative phrasing that weaves mental images. These consistently fulfilling experiences – however small individually – add up to a positive experience that prompts people to return and reconnect all over again.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan tells stories of nature, contemplation, and the magic of discovery. In creating extended guidelines based on these principles, we helped to infuse them into everyday team behaviours as well as the written word. Read the full case study here.