Posted by Megan Oldcorn
29 September, 2023

We’re at the start of an exciting journey to B Corp accreditation, as part of the B|23 cohort.

Nixon is an agency shaped by the importance of brand. Whether we’re leading brand workshops to get to the heart of a company or creating collateral that feels “right”, we’re constantly extolling the virtues of knowing who you are, and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

So, who are we?

For a long time, we knew that we needed to revisit our own brand values (though much like the builder’s house, there never seemed to be time). So finally, as we celebrated the double-whammy of turning 30 and becoming an Employee Ownership Trust, we took a pause to redefine our own brand. We asked ourselves who we are, who we want to be, who we want to work with, and what we collectively care about. Among the recurring themes of people, environment, and a desire to do good, we found one obvious next step for Nixon: becoming B Corp.
Don’t get us wrong; B Corp wasn’t a new idea to us. We’ve explored the idea of doing this for a long time, but we’ve never been in a position to act upon it. As a small and very busy team, we haven’t had the resources to commit to it seriously. Being a B Corp is a wonderful thing, but it’s also costly, and a little bit intimidating. 
However, in a display of wonderful serendipity, the solution arrived at exactly the right time. Our accountant happened to mention that the second B|23 programme was open for applications. We applied, and to our delighted surprise, we were awarded a place.

What does this mean?

B|23 is a programme led by the combined powerhouses of Wildanet, LEAP, and the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. The programme brings together 23 purpose-driven Cornish companies and supports them in their bid to become B Corp: providing everything from mentoring support and advice to talks and networking events. The 2023 cohort met for the first time at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, kicking off the learning process with a great selection of guest speakers. 
From here, we’ll be supported by our very own B Corp mentor, who’ll offer help at every stage of the process and be there to keep us on track. Although there’s a long way to go until we’ll be accredited, we’re excited about the changes to come. Being a B Corp means stepping up to high standards of social and environmental performance, while driving continuous improvement. 
B Corp is a big commitment, but we’re in it for the distance. This is because we believe in the power that creativity has as a catalyst for environmental and social change. As imaginative, innovative people, we’re seeking to use our strengths for the benefit of others. We want to raise up our team to achieve their full potential, we want to work with the planet (not against it), and we want to look back at the end of each project and see the gains we’ve made. Becoming a B Corp will help us to do this in so many ways. 
We’ll be posting more about our B Corp progress, so do check back to see how we’re getting on. And if you’d like to find out more about becoming a B Corp, or the benefits for those involved, visit the B Corp website.