Date: November 2023

Jacksons is a team of independent experts with one shared goal: making your money work for you.

Established in 1923, Jacksons offers meaningful financial planning that helps its clients achieve their goals. This might be early retirement, having the freedom to travel, or creating a financial safety net. For the team, their work is all about people, problem solving, and empowerment.

Jacksons came to us in search of something fresh. The team felt that their existing brand didn’t reflect who they were or what they stood for. As a company proudly doing things differently, they wanted to break free of the conventions and expectations that shaped their sector.

Brand immersion

We began the branding process by getting under the skin of Jacksons and its people. To do this, we hosted two brand immersion workshops: one with Jacksons’ three directors and one for its wider team, both held at our studio in Hayle. This gave everyone the opportunity to voice their thoughts about Jacksons, its audiences, and what they care about most.


One of the main brand decisions to make was around the name of the company. Originally, this was Jacksons Wealth Management, but with the refreshed brand in mind, this no longer felt right or representative of the company’s ethos. In the workshops, we explored this with the team members and gathered their thoughts, before presenting back some alternative solutions. We ultimately agreed on dropping ‘Wealth Management’ in favour of the name ‘Jacksons’. This maintains the strength and reputation of the established brand. However, for the benefit of new audiences, we added the tagline ‘Meaningful financial planning’, to showcase what the team does.

Brand values and visual identity

With a firm grounding in the world of Jacksons, we were able to move on to define its brand values and personality. From here, we created a new tone of voice and accompanying style guide, which can be used to steer written communications and create a clear and consistent voice for the Jacksons brand. Our design team then set to work on crafting a new visual identity, before wrapping everything up in a beautiful set of brand guidelines that the team can use moving forwards.

The Jacksons “Jemoji”

One runaway hit from our branding suggestions was the Jacksons “Jemoji”. This characterful and personalised emoji began life as a small addition to our concepts, which the team immediately loved. The Jemoji grew and grew, with multiple variations being added. Though it’s just one element of Jacksons’ new identity, it’s one of the best representations of why we’ve loved working with them: it's fresh, vibrant, and bold – and has a completely different feel to everything else in the financial sector.

Website design and content

Following the rebrand, Jacksons asked us to help bring the new identity to life across various assets such as a letterhead, business cards, and report templates. One of the most important elements was the brand’s website. We initially undertook the information architecture stage of the project, which helps to inform functionality, user experience, goal strategy and visual design. Following this, we designed how the website would look, feel, and move, while our copywriter used the newly established tone of voice to write clear and compelling copy.

The success of a rebrand often lies in its finer details, such as content. To uphold the new brand, the team needed updated photography, which would help bring the content on the website to life. We art directed this project, including writing the photography brief, helping source suitable photographers, and creating a mood board and shot list for the day. The result is a website with character, which fits perfectly with Jacksons’ new brand identity.

Pete Matthews, CEO

We’re delighted with what the Nixon brand geniuses have come up with. We feel it reflects our personality – this is a warm, caring place to work, with a bit of a quirky side, too.

To find out more about what the Jacksons team thought of the process, visit the Jacksons website.