Date: January 2021

Rolling out a new purpose-driven brand for the boatfolk group of 11 UK marinas.


After undergoing a major expansion and rebrand, the boatfolk marinas group asked us to help roll out its new image. Challenging the elitist and exclusive connotations of traditional sailing, the boatfolk brand swept in as an industry disruptor: fun, accessible, and purpose driven.

Bringing the brand to life

Armed with fresh guidelines and a largely blank canvas, we rolled out the new brand (created by the talented folks at Simple Truth) across collateral for 11 UK marinas. This encompassed everything from signage, wayfinding and livery to print, illustration and digital newsletters, with more projects (including a new sub-brand website) still ongoing.

Sitting at the heart of everything are the principles of seeing things differently, welcoming all, and having fun afloat. 


boatfolk's reimagined collateral, set out by Simple Truth and applied by our team, carries visual impact and helps to reposition the brand as an exciting disruptor in the sector. But far more than this, it helps the company to target new markets as well as old, to interest investors, partners and potential team members, and to create future long-lasting customers by attracting the next generation of boaters. 

Logo, illustrations and art-directed photography by Simple Truth.

Dominic Zammit, Head of Marketing

Nixon played a vital role in bringing the boatfolk brand to life. They demonstrated absolute expertise across a wide range of design disciplines, from digital and print, through to product design and signage. Their meticulous eye for detail and endless energy meant that we launched a brand that we could be proud of in a very ambitious timeframe. We look forward to working closely with them for the next chapter in our story!