Client: St Aubyns
Date: April 2021

Ensuring this iconic Cornish landmark communicates effectively to its various audiences, across all channels.

St Aubyn Estates is a 600-year-old Cornish enterprise. Still family owned, it has an impressive variety of commercial operations, including a hotel and restaurant, holiday cottages and the iconic St Michael’s Mount. We’ve worked with the company for over three years to create an overall parent brand. Our project to brand and re-market the famous island represents the culmination of this work.

The St Michael's Mount logo above the National Trust and St Aubyn Estates logos.

Printed material

Having created a new logo for the overall St Aubyn brand, we went on to design a range of marketing materials, including stationery, brochures, adverts and a website for St Michael’s Mount. These materials carefully reflect the quality and heritage of the brand while marking the island as individual.

Three leaflets for St Michael's Mount in different languages.
The inside of the fold-out St Michael's Mount leaflet.
The Sail Loft word mark lasered onto wood and stamped onto a piece of paper.
A wooden sign for the Sail Loft, with the logotype laser-etched onto wood.
A painting of St Michael's Mount, a tiny island crested with a castle.

Signage and wayfinding

Another important element of the project was an audit of the Mount’s signage and wayfinding. We went on to apply the St Michael's Mount branding to navigational elements and information boards, ensuring that signs and directions were visible and clear, and that the brand experience was cohesive and immersive.

The car park at St Michael's Mount, with the mount visible in the background.
A woman looking at an information sign on St Michael's Mount.
A sign on a gate on St Michael's Mount.


After a series of brand workshops we came up with the strapline ‘Through Time & Tide’, which referenced not only the Mount’s unique location but also the challenges the people living there face daily. This line became our brief for all work as we sought to weave it through all forms of digital content. 

St Michael’s Mount’s mobile-friendly site has intuitive navigation and pared-back content, making it easy for users to find the information they’re looking for (reducing calls to the team, which had soared as visitors attempted to navigate Covid-19). Pre-booking is promoted, with the launch of an online ticketing system and online shop helping the Mount team to manage visitor numbers and reach customers that might not yet be in a position to visit in person. To further reach new audiences, and make it easy for users to find content, we carried out in-house SEO research and onsite optimisation.

The final result was a new site that helped to support St Michael’s Mount through its busiest season to date, as visitor numbers to Cornwall reached unprecedented levels. A UX-led design that smoothly channeled users into booking online helped to manage the influx of people, with conversions on the site soaring far above the tourism industry average. The bounce rate (from July to September 2021) decreased by a massive 36.9%, demonstrating that where visitors previously accessed the site to find a telephone number before calling, they instead progressed through it to complete their desired action, which relieved pressure on the Mount team. 

Notes on a whiteboard as part of the St Michael's Mount branding process.
'Through Time & Tide.'

Film and animation by Callum Shone.