Date: July 2019

The Emily Nixon team sells fine jewellery with a unique coastal character – and their studio is just on the floor below ours. We collaborated with them on a project to refresh the brand and craft an online shop that would showcase the artistry behind Emily’s work.

Emily has been married to Martin, our MD, for many years and so is familiar with our projects and processes. Originally a sculptor, Emily has a very distinctive style that sets her apart from other fine jewellery makers. Her work is born from a love of the Cornish coastline, and there’s a friendly approachability to her studio that’s rare in the sector. 


Our brief was to create a simple and elegant online shop that encourages sales and beautifully represents the brand.

We worked with the Emily Nixon team to uncover what aspects of the user experience were most important – these were the ability for customers across devices to filter products, as well as add pieces to collections for inspiration.

Wireframes by Nixon Design for an ecommerce website.


We agreed on a clean and pared-down design to make the jewellery the main focus. A key challenge was working out how to give the ‘Bespoke’ pieces more of a platform, showcasing that each commission would be unique. We tackled this by creating a separate page, which included the option to enquire about a commission but excluded an ‘add to basket’ button – this way, customers could browse a design while knowing it was a bespoke commission rather than a ‘ready-to-buy’ product.  

We suggested using Shopify for the build, as it provides a straightforward way to deal with sales, input new content and add products. Shopify also has a good system for analysing how a site’s performing, giving reports to keep the team informed on how they're keeping up with demands.

A brand workshop uncovered the core Emily Nixon brand values and personality that would remain consistent across the site and all other marketing collateral. In turn, the unique Emily Nixon tone of voice was applied to 400 product names and descriptions, and copy for website pages. We researched keywords and wrote SEO for every page to ensure the site could efficiently compete within this busy search market.


The end result is a website where customers across devices can discover and save Emily Nixon pieces, and easily make a purchase – all in a natural and luxurious user experience.

The new Emily Nixon website was so successful at generating sales that it paid for itself within days of launching. 

Emily Nixon

The team at Nixon patiently steered our course, responding to our vision with a site that we are incredibly proud of. A huge thanks for their fabulous, ever-friendly, professional and super-creative work.