Client: Tresco
Date: August 2016

Showcasing this quite extraordinary luxury holiday destination, located 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall.

There is something very special about the island of Tresco. Twenty-eight miles off the coast of Cornwall, it has a world-famous subtropical garden, deserted sandy beaches and a wide selection of beautiful accommodation, ranging from contemporary beach-front houses to traditional granite cottages.

Printed materials for Tresco Island, including leaflets, magazines and a menu clipboard, by Nixon Design.

Printed material

Initially, we were asked to create a range of marketing material for Tresco, evolving the look and feel of their brochures, promotional materials and advertising. We were then tasked with a review of their brand values and personality, with the aim of developing a coherent and compelling creative marketing strategy to help them communicate effectively to both existing and new customers. We also provided ongoing support in carrying out this market strategy over the long term.

The Tresco Island brand logo.

Natural excellence

One island, one brand essence, but many businesses. Instead of creating an overarching corporate identity scheme, we crafted a series of logos and sub-brands. This way, each company has its own identity that also works in harmony with the wider brand.

Four sub-brand logos that fit underneath Tresco Island, including Tresco Boat Services, Islandshare, The New Inn and The Ruin.
A fold-out brochure for Tresco Island.
A marketing booklet for Tresco Island spa.
Brown paper bags with a Tresco & Bryher food festival logo on.
Business cards for Tresco Island, designed by Nixon Design.
A double-page spread in the Tresco Island guide.
A double-page spread on food in the Tresco Island guide.

Tresco Times

Four years ago we suggested to Tresco that they relaunch their newsletter, Tresco Times, and transform it to become a compelling account of island life. Now their annual journal, it acts as a visually rewarding showcase of the island experience.

We design and manage the production of the yearbook, as well as contributing some of our own illustration work. Art direction and project management are key elements as we commission, brief and liaise closely with external photographers and illustrators. The result is an authentic and unique publication that increases repeat and new bookings while offering real value to the reader.

Three issues of Tresco Times, designed by Nixon Design.
Different issues of Tresco Times magazine opened on different pages.
A stack of three issues of Tresco Times.
The table of contents in the Tresco Times magazine.
A double spread in Tresco Times, featuring people with moisturising face masks on.
The 'year ahead' second of the Tresco Times magazine.
An illustrated double page in the Tresco Times magazine.
A double spread in Tresco Times showing holiday cottages.
A double spread on beekeeping in Tresco Times.

Art direction

We continue to work closely alongside talented illustrators, film-makers and photographers to create visuals that work in harmony, both in print and digital.

A little girl picking wild berries on a coastal walk on Tresco Island.
A woman looks out at the sunset on the sea at Tresco Island.
People tucking into a large crab at a restaurant on Bryher.
The bow of a small boat.
A  boy in a wetsuit stands in the clear sea on Tresco Island.
An illustration of people walking on the sand between Tresco and Bryher islands.
An illustration showing four glimpses of holiday life for Tresco Times.
A photo-illustration collage of women rowing a pilot gig boat.
An illustration of different ship figureheads from the Valhalla Museum on Tresco.

Animation by Lightbox Inc.

Tom Matthews, Head of Marketing, Tresco Island

The whole team at Nixon Design help keep Tresco at the forefront of people’s minds, with high quality, eye-catching design services across digital and print media. The team is flexible, reactive and creative – three of the most important features of a great design agency!