What the heck is UX?

If you’re a client of Nixon, or are in the process of having a website designed and built by a design agency, you’ve most likely heard the term ‘UX' come up in conversation. This post aims to demystify UX, the role of a UX designer, its origins and its importance.

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Posted by: tamsynstrike 15 May 2015

The five step approach to improving your website

The phrase ‘UX’ is one that’s bandied about quite a bit nowadays in relation to websites. Far from being just a buzzword, UX really does matter and is definitely something you should be thinking about. Here, we’ll offer a run-down of the key things you can do to improve your website using the principles of UX.

Firstly, what is it? As readers of our last blog post will know, UX stands for ‘User Experience’. It relates to how visitors to a website – your customers, or potential customers – use the site, and how their experience of it affects their behaviour and view of you. This is crucial, because if you have a fantastic product but a website that makes it hard for customers to buy it, you’ll feel the results on your bottom line.

There are certain key things that anyone, regardless of technical ability, can do to improve the user experience of their website.

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Posted by: Megan Oldcorn 30 April 2015

What is CMS? What do we mean by UX? The web design questions you might not like to ask

Anyone that works in a technical industry like web design and development can fall into the trap of talking in acronyms and niche phrases without thinking about it. In the Nixon office, this works well because we understand each other, but many a client or new employee has had to quietly confess that they don’t really know what we’re talking about.

As a starter, here’s a run-down of some of the main phrases you might hear us saying. 

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Posted by: Ryan Pascoe 16 April 2015

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