Date: March 2022

The Digital Transformation programme is an ERDF-funded initiative that pairs digital with non-digital businesses to access new solutions and support the growth of this sector in Cornwall.

Led by Unlocking Potential, Cornwall College and Software Cornwall, the project represents collaboration and digital-led revolution. So when the Digital Transformation team approached us to help create its identity, we saw a fantastic opportunity to push the boundaries of creative branding.

The brief

Among the key messages to highlight was that transformation is a journey, through which businesses are supported at every stage. Flexibility and adaptability were strong themes, with different types of businesses (digital and non-digital) working together to create change. On a practical level, the identity also needed to sit within the Unlocking Potential brand family, but be distinct enough to stand apart.

Values, personality and tone of voice

We began by reviewing the project’s brand values and personality, to get to the heart of what it stands for and how its unique offering could be communicated. Following this, we created detailed tone of voice and copy style guidelines, which could then be used to create consistency across all written communications. Finally, we also applied this tone of voice to service message, creating 50-, 100- and 200-word descriptions for use in marketing. 

Visual identity and brand guidelines

After this, it was over to our design team, who set about bringing Digital Transformation to life through its visual identity. After exploring different routes, we ultimately focused on a typographic mark that blends lower and upper case lettering and allows for visually disruptive and unusual layouts. This is supported by an ever-changing tapestry inspired by binary code, creating a subtle nod to the origins of computer processing. 

Brand rollout

With the Digital Transformation identity established, we were able to begin rolling it out across graphics for online headers, branded templates, and building signage.