Client: St Aubyns
Date: November 2014

Marazion’s Godolphin Arms is a popular beachside inn, positioned just across the causeway from St Michael’s Mount.

Taking a strategic approach, we established new branding for the Godolphin Arms in time for the reopening of its refurbished restaurant. This branding was rolled out across all of its marketing platforms and communications, both off- and online. We carried out website design and development, created printed material and, using our experience in signage design, heightened the identity on the building’s interior and exterior.

Adding personality

Alongside styled interior photography we utilised illustration to add greater depth and personality to the brand. This followed through into interior elements and all areas of the print and digital output.

illustration of the Godolphin Arms in Cornwall illustration created for St Aubyn brand

Interior photography by Anya Rice
Illustration by Abby Cook